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Traveling Essentials – Things to Bring

When I think back upon my trips to Scotland, London and Paris, I realize that I have definitely gained some wisdom, particularly regarding preparations for traveling. Here are some products that I love, so far:

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Preparing for “The Big One”: London & Paris

Still reveling from the joys we experienced in Scotland, it was now time to visit London. In contemplating this trip, considerations such as expense, crowds, rain, and navigating the tube, contributed to thoughts of anxiousness.

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Finding Peace and Tranquility Outside of Edinburgh

My husband and I are city people. We love cafes, shops, people watching…you know, the energy of city center life. This does not mean, however, that we don’t want to experience the beauty and quietness that a day out in the country could provide.

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Enchanting Edinburgh

When I think of Scotland, images of knights, damsels, and castles fill my mind. The landscape really looks like it belongs in a fairy tale. I believed that my first trip abroad with my husband would indeed feel like being in a fairy tale… and, it did!

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And so Begins my British Travel Blog

It has been said that “a luxury once enjoyed becomes a necessity.” This could not have been more true for us since we vacationed in Edinburgh, Scotland for our first international trip together. We felt that the city was so beautiful, almost magical, that we agreed we would one day love to live there.

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