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Hello!  My name is Karen, and along with my husband, Hudson, we form the team behind Britain Bound.  No doubt about it, we are anglophiles.  Our first international trip together was to Edinburgh, Scotland and it was such a wonderful adventure that we later vacationed in London several times, and even visited Paris.  We’ve been captivated with Britain ever since.  These journeys abroad sparked in us a mutual love for international travel, so much so, that we now plan on making recurring trips to England, Scotland, and will eventually visit Wales for the first time.

I’m originally from Southern California, but after graduating from UCLA, I moved to the Southwest where I’ve been living ever since.  I was a teacher, dabbled in art, and now my focus is on incorporating more travel into my life.

Although I am the primary contributing writer for this site, my husband, (who handles the graphic design, photography and site maintenance), plans to contribute occasional posts.

We hope you enjoy our blog, and thanks for visiting!

Karen and Hudson

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